Tongkat Ali Extract Gives Me Erections Like a Teenager

Tongkat Ali Extract Naturally Increases Testosterone Levels

Can tongkat ali extract give you stronger erections? You bet! A few years ago I noticed that my erections were getting softer and weaker (I’m 48 years old). One day a bodybuilding friend of mine mentioned that tongkat ali extract not only helped him build muscle, but it also gave him amazing erections.

Tongkat ali extract is a Southeast Asian herb (the scientific name is Eurycoma Longifolia) that works by naturally increasing the body’s production of testosterone. Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone and a natural anabolic steroid. Once men hit age 30 or so, their testosterone levels drop significantly. That’s one reason why both athletic and sexual performance start to decline at this age.


Tongkat Ali Extract—The Scientific Evidence

The scientific publication British Journal of Sports Medicine has reported that in a double-blind placebo controlled test, the men who used tongkat ali extract showed a 5% increase in lean body mass (due to an increase in testosterone levels). There was no change in the placebo group. A 5% increase in 5 weeks is a lot!

How to Buy Tongkat Ali Extract

If you’re wondering where to buy tongkat ali extract, here’s my advice. You can just buy the extract alone, or you can buy a product that contains many different kinds of herbs, including tongkat ali extract. I have tried it both ways and I believe that taking a pill with many different herbs is best. Here’s why:

No single herb can address all aspects of sexual functioning. Tongkat ali extract is absolutely the best herb for increasing testosterone levels, which is a key element of sexual health. But there are other elements that are equally important.

The ability of the heart to pump blood is one. So is the strength of the circulatory system. Remember, an erection is caused by blood filling the penis. The more blood the better the erection.

There are herbs that work on each one of these elements. There are herbs that make the heart stronger, there are herbs that enlarge the blood vessels, there are herbs that improve oxygenation, etc… A product that combines all these different kinds of herbs affects the entire sexual system. This is better than taking tongkat ali extract alone.

I personally use a product called VigRx Plus. VigRx Plus is endorsed by Dr. Steven Lamm, a leader in the field of male sexuality.

Dr. Lamm is a professor at New York University’s Medical Center. He is also the medical correspondent for the popular television show called The View. And he’s written a bestselling book about men’s sexual health called The Hardness Factor.

Here is a short video of Dr. Lamm explaining why he endorses VigRx Plus:

VigRx Plus is made with high-quality herbal ingredients that are tested for strength and purity. The makers of VigRx are based in the United States and follow FDA regulations. Most importantly, this product contains a generous amount of very pure tongkat ali extract.

If you’re interested in finding out more about VigRx Plus—its ingredients, how it works, where to buy it—please visit the official website HERE. I think you’ll find that VigRx Plus will give you better results than just taking tongkat ali extract.

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Can Tongkat Ali Extract Increase the Size of Your Penis?

After using tongkat ali extract for a while, I noticed that my balls and penis seemed a little bigger. At first I thought it was because I was having more sex than I used to. But then I did some research and discovered that the herb itself might be responsible.

Tongkat ali extract works by stimulating the body’s own production of testosterone in the cells of the testicles. Apparently a “side effect” of this activity is a growth in the surrounding tissue. In fact, from what I understand, it is precisely the growth of the male organs that enhances the ability to have strong erections.

Furthermore, tongkat ali extract strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor which are responsible for ejaculation and erection strength. This is what Kegel exercises do. I’ve done Kegel exercises and they really do enhance orgasms. But, like any exercises, they take time and effort.

Now it appears that tongkat ali extract strengthens these muscles by itself! In fact, there have been scientific studies performed upon mice and rats that show a significant increase in the size and strength of these pelvic muscles due to tongkat ali extract.